SARS Registration

Become Compliant, SARS Registration Services Through Taxcorp

Our experienced professionals will complete and submit all your documents as well as liaise with SARS on your behalf. We offer our services to both individuals and businesses, and we will efficiently prepare and complete both your SAR registration as well as your SARS eFilling registration.

If you meet all the necessary requirements, it is law to register for tax. You are obliged to register with SARS, you will be provided with a tax number and then you need to take care of your SARS eFilling registration as well. If not dealt with appropriately, the SARS registration process can be a nightmare, which is why we offer comprehensive services when it comes to dealing with tax.

Let Taxcorp register your company with SARS

Our hands-on team of experts will help you with your SARS VAT registration, as there are various forms that need to be completed and additional paperwork is usually required.

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