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PAIA Services, Effectively and Promptly Delivered

We will help you complete and submit all your necessary documents, while adhering to legislation.
It is vital for your business to compile a comprehensive PAIA manual. The PAIA requires every business, private or public, closed corporation or sole proprietor to draw up a PAIA manual, which is essential and contains important information.

Reduce the hassle and anxiety and allow us to quickly and efficiently compile your PAIA manual. We are well aware of all the information that is required, which allows you to focus on the other aspects of running your successful business.

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The Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000, was created to provide everyone with access to information and to ensure that companies adhere to legislation. Their aim is also to provide and promote accountability, transparency and good and moral governance in the public and private sectors.

Let Taxcorp compile your PAIA manual

Through our expertise, together with our qualified staff, we will help you with all your needs. A PAIA manual is compulsory for every business, and includes various descriptions of records as well as company information. We provide services to help you compile and submit your PAIA manual.

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