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Comprehensive Payroll Services

Taxcorp payroll solutions include:

  • Weekly/Monthly salaries with payslips
  • Monthly Returns
  • PAYE Reconciliation (IRP5)
  • Salary Structure

Many companies consider payroll a time consuming and costly process which demands specialist expertise. This can be true if you do not possess the necessary skills to accurately execute payroll for your business. An error could lead to potential liabilities.  Taxcorp provides payroll outsourcing services that will suite your company’s needs. Our aim is to streamline your payroll process, and at the same time, cut costs.

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Taxcorp efficiently manage your company’s payroll ensuring all payments are accurate and made on time.

Why should your company outsource payroll solutions?

  • Outsourcing means you do not incur the costs of an entire payroll department.
  • Taxcorp are the experts, us doing payroll allows you to focus on your core business.
  • Avoid penalties from non-compliance, late entries and/or errors.
  • Most businesses do not have time to keep up with constantly changing regulations, Taxcorp do! This ensures your company avoids non-compliance penalties.

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