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Shelf Companies for Sale

Shelf CC's Company / Companies

When you buy a shelf Companies from Taxcorp for R1950, it includes tax registration, a tax clearance certificate and change of board members. The great thing about shelf companies is that it reduces time spent on having to start a new corporation from scratch. You can now purchase an established company with an established identity.

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Why Do You Need a Shelf Company?

A shelf company is registered and then put on the shelf. It does not have assets and is registered with the sole purpose of later being sold.

You can buy a shelf company if you:

  • Need a registration number immediately.
  • Need to do business urgently.
  • Want to show longevity and plan on attracting investors or customers.
  • Want to gain access to corporate credit.

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Taxcorp Shelf Companies

Taxcorp have a very experienced team to specifically address your shelf company and all the applicable changes to be made to tailor the company to your specifications. Taxcorp have a commitment to assisting clients with the ever increasing legislative and administrative burdens on companies.

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