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Statutory Secretarial Registrations

Statutory Registration Services

When starting a new business or buying an existing company, there are always changes that need to be made to statutory registrations. It is important that companies comply with the Companies Act and other legislation that requires statutory registrations. In addition to our statutory services, we handle the provision of BEE Avidavid and Tax Clearance Certificates.

TaxCorp, For professional statutory registration services, contact TaxCorp

TaxCorp offers a range of services to ensure compliance which allows you to focus on the practical aspects of running your business. We highlight key issues that are relevant to your business without overwhelming you with unnecessary statutory documents. Our statutory services include the completion and submission of all documents required by the CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) to maintain CC’s and companies according to legislation.

The statutory responsibilities of companies do not end with company registration or amendment documents. Employers have many statutory registrations to submit to SARS on behalf of the business and its employees. Our statutory services include all employer responsibilities, and we make sure that your statutory documents are registered for individual tax, company tax, VAT, PAYE, UIF and SDL. All statutory documents are completed and submitted professionally, to ensure speedy turnaround.

We do the following registrations:

  • Name Reservation
  • Registration of Close Corporations
  • Registrations of Companies
  • Amendments to Founding Statements
  • Appointment of Accounting Officer
  • Changes and Appointment of Directors and Members
  • Appointment of Auditors
  • Worksmans Compensation Commissioner
  • Members Interest Certificates
  • Provide BEE Avidavid's

Registrations at SARS for:

  • PAYE
  • VAT
  • UIF
  • Provisional Tax
  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Registrations for Import and Export

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