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Public Officer

Professional Public Officers for Your Company

Does your company need a Public Officer? TaxCorp offers a simple, professional solution to your businesses legal and tax requirements.

Many people and businesses don’t know what a public officer is, so let’s have a look at the definition: A Public officer is elected or appointed to represent a company on tax and compliance issues and is answerable for all actions on behalf of the company. Every company conducting business or operating an office in South Africa must at all times be represented by a public officer. It makes sense to use Taxcorp as your company’s Public Officer because we represent over 53 international companies and have expert knowledge of the South African legislative and financial landscape.

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The Income Tax Act requires that the position of public officer is appointed at all times, and if vacant, the public officer position needs to be filled within 14 days and SARS must be notified of the new appointment. As public officers, we will deal with SARS on your behalf and represent your company’s interests in terms of section 101 of the Income Tax Act No 58 of 1962. We will ensure your company complies with the act and requirements by SARS. The role of the public officer is extremely important and failure to appoint a public officer could lead to penalties. When choosing a public officer, it’s important to remember that the person will be perceived as the face of the company. Taxcorp has extensive industry experience to ensure your company is professionally represented and your business standards and integrity are upheld at all times.

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Public Officer Duties and Responsibilities

TaxCorp public officers act as the lawful representative of both local and international companies. Our duties and responsibilities are:

• Professionally implementing all accounting and tax matters in your business according to our job description.
• More specifically, some of the tax-related matters are: We will prepare and submit of all statutory documents concerning Income Tax, PAYE, UIF, SDL and other Registrations and Returns as required by law.
Provision of all accounting services related to the above.

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