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VAT Returns

SARS VAT Returns

We will prepare all the necessary documents and we will personally consult with SARS on your behalf.
VAT is tax charged on goods and services. Businesses are required to register for VAT on their various goods and services if their supplies are in a surplus of R1 million in any consecutive 12 month period.

VAT returns are important and we will assist you through our comprehensive services. You can expect efficiently completed SARS VAT returns, and our professionals coupled with their extensive experience and knowledge, will deal with all your issues. You are required to submit your VAT returns according to the tax period specifically allocated, which is why we provide stress-free and efficient services to alleviate all your return troubles.

Let Taxcorp submit your VAT Return

No more worrying about late payments, penalties or spiking interests, our team of experts will assist you with all your SAR VAT returns.

For convenient and results driven VAT returns, contact TaxCorp.

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